Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I think it's high time that people STOP AND THINK ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE DOING on the Starting Island.  Today we have had one person who spawned dozens of red horned demon balls at the Welcome Center, leading to a complaint from one visitor, a newbie who is unlikely to come back because of what he calls "griefing".  Whether or not it is actually griefing is beside the point; the point is that the Starting Island is NOT THE PLACE TO BE DOING THESE SORTS OF EXPERIMENTS.

Now, this evening, another person has set up what can only be called the Mother of all light shows, using a public building area of, you guessed it, the Starting Island.:

Someone just started it up and LEFT IT RUNNING.  Do you have any idea what this sort of display can do to slower graphics cards on slower computers?!??  Are we deliberately making things difficult for the newbies arriving on Starting Island?? 

It only takes a modicum of commons sense to realize that these sorts of activities can be better performed OFF of Starting Island.  If we repel new users because of these childish antics, then if Cloud Party fails we have nobody to blame but ourselves.  YES, we have to think of the newbie users.  How would you feel about Cloud Party if you showed up, all eager to build, only to find the public sandbox looks like this?? 

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