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Easy Solutions In One Handyman To A Different

Easy Solutions In One Handyman To A Different

No matter what place you will be renovating, try so it will be as brilliant as is possible. It is tested that bedrooms with a lot of light and color set a person within a much better area. A lot of light-weight can also be popular with possible buyers when you are selling your property.

Add spice to the style of your areas through the use of patterned wallpaper on the walls and hanging a discussion part of art work. Choose a thing fascinating with many different textures or photos to think about. Don't hesitate to look striking and interesting to exhibit a feeling of persona using your options. You may also color a thing yourself and hang it up to suit your wallpaper.

Home improvement! All those unlimited jobs turn out producing your house in a secure, lovely residence. Additionally they enable you to keep in shape. Below are a few phrases of knowledge on the way to do individuals projects effectively and as financially as is possible. If you study the following tips prior to deciding to get the hammer or even the pipe wrench, we think you will be thankful.

If your home is full of aged-type brown wooden doorways, usually do not attempt to brighten them with paint. The time and effort involved is not going to be worth it. It may take 3 or several coats of fresh paint to cover the dark brown wooden. You're happier simply getting a new white colored doorway rather.

Whenever you create your vanity lighting in your bath room, seriously consider the shadows they cast. You don't want your vanity lighting put in place in a manner that it is tough to see what you really are doing or in a manner that you simply seem to be veiled in shadows when you try looking in the looking glass. Your vanity lamps ought to be positioned in a fashion that supplies a obvious, useful doing work lighting.

When repainting the outside of your property, use plastic-type sheeting and masking tape to stop receiving paint on unwelcome surface areas, like your house windows. Use decline cloths to safeguard your driveway, porch, and shrubs from dripping fresh paint. You will also require to use 3-inch masking tape to protect the trim when you are artwork the siding on your own residence.

If one does not have trees and shrubs on the property or home they must highly take into account planting a single for home remodeling. Not only will it have lots of different uses for the residence and it's participants but it will likewise look interesting for kinds scenery. A shrub can develop and outlast the house making it a worthy redecorating task.

If you are searching to increase the value of your house with some household enhancements and do not know where to begin, consider investing some time having a service provider to provide some thoughts. They know one of the most rewarding aspects of your home to enhance and might offer suggestions on how to deal with your home.

When improving the outside of your property, it can save you cash and include security by installing motion detecting lighting fixtures. As an alternative to leaving behind lights on all night time very long, movement detecting lamps are just on when they're triggered by nearby motion. And intruders is going to be wary of approaching your home since they know you will definitely be conscious of their profile when the lights come on.

Household Changes Anybody Can Do

Household Changes Anybody Can Do

When changing your furnace separate out, remember that electrostatic pleated filtration systems may cause your furnace to run trickier than it would with a filtering that has more substantial spots for fresh air to go through. Should you use pleated allergen-reducing filter systems, ensure that you change them regularly, simply because air flow cannot supply through them easily whenever they are clogged with grime and debris.

As opposed to wood floor or linoleum, use tiles with your kitchen area spot. Most tiles are super easy to clean and more spill verification than any linoleum or hardwood floors available on the market. They establish your home space and maintain that region distinct from the remainder of your dining room or family room.

Don't ignore the add-on of space for storing to the new or existing household. Most residences are greatly lacking in storage space. Incorporate integrated bookshelves to the family room or dining area. Convert a broom closet near to the kitchen area in a foods pantry. Tiny adjustments and additions will really mount up.

Ah, you may have read the aforementioned short article, or you wouldn't be downwards here reading through through the conclusion. Well completed! That short article really should have supplied you having a suitable basis of what must be done to perform your own house improvements appropriately and what areas it is possible to boost upon. Should any inquiries nevertheless continue to be, assess the article yet again.

Remember, tape is generally a momentary resolve! Taping something might be convenient to complete in the crunch, but tape will degrade and or tear after a while. Don't permit an old project come back to haunt you! Carry out the task appropriate in case you have some time. The only real time that tape is a solution to a challenge is in the course of electrical work, when you may use electrical tape to insulate the cabling from water (and also then warmth-shrink strips can be a far better selection).

If you would like your own home to generally be enticing, then you really should go outside the house and see what other people see. A lovely yard is a great place to begin. Pick landscaping which is straightforward to tend to, but beautiful at the same time. Also, take a look at your decks and patios to ascertain if they are often spruced up with a great cleaning up, yellowing or perhaps furniture can the charm of those locations.

When working with a service provider for your house advancement requires, be truthful with him about how much cash you have in your funds. It presents him a restriction on paying as he'll understand that you virtually don't possess a penny much more to invest, it also enables him to improve the quality of goods he employs rather than scrimping on item.

For the uncommon opportunity which you get normal water leaking from beneath the sink or from under the tap, do not make an effort to repair the leak on your own. Simply catch any leaking drinking water with a box large enough to support any excess water for the time period and speak to a domestic plumbing professional.

When installing a wood range in your residence as being a source of heat during the cold months several months, generally choose a stove that is certainly ranked for your measurements and location of the room the place it will be put. A lot of regional building requirements demand this to generally be accomplished and skilled installers will almost always insist on it.

Do-It-Your self Redecorating Tricks And Tips

Do-It-Your self Redecorating Tricks And Tips

Invest in a drain snake to economize. You won't should acquire drain cleaners practically as often. Drains snakes are certainly not for the fully unskilled, so you might like to have a plumbing service explain to you utilizing it the very first time. Be sure to buy a snake that is the correct measurements for your drain or your pipe may be ruined.

An excellent suggestion when it comes to renovation is too swap all of your old appliances with newer far more energy-efficient models. Not merely will it look better with your kitchen area and laundry service, but it will likewise help save on your own electricity costs. That's two wild birds with one rock.

To present old kitchen cabinets a confront elevate, look at a striking, funky result like crackling or perhaps decoupage. This is certainly the best way to change the look of your kitchen area with no cost of updating cabinets, especially those which can be still in very good health. Just be sure to coat your handiwork with a topcoat that will not yellow-colored over time.

In the event you just acquired your house or are redesigning it, you are aware that wallpaper borders can be a pesky item to eliminate. For those who have enough time and don't desire to commit lots of money in eliminating it, you can easily take it off using the following ways: 1. Get yourself a modest spray flask and fill it with normal water. 2. Capture a bath towel for the next move. Consistently spray the wallpaper border till it is carefully damp. Water activates the adhesive on the back again and makes it slimy, which often makes it much simpler to eliminate. 3. Just rub the towel around it in a circular fashion and will also begin peeling off the wallpaper.

Inform your professional your real price range. Lots of people are afraid when they tell how much they could really devote, the service provider will make an effort to devote a minimum of a whole lot. Contractors are curious about presenting you the greatest good quality function, so you have to be sincere with them in regards to what they should work together with.

If you are planning to market your house soon, you ought to avoid pricey household- improvement projects that cater to your special personal tastes. This sort of tasks will most likely be a complete waste of money in the perception that they can not correspondingly increase the value of the property. As an example, putting in high-priced custom-produced toilet tiles from Italy is a very poor choice for your home-development project because potential customers will seldom are in agreement with you in their benefit. Possible consumers may have their own individual likes and definately will be preparing to integrate their tastes within their individual projects.

When partaking in a big home renovation task, you need to be honest about your funds in your service provider. Getting sincere will permit your building contractors to be able to use higher quality components to your remodelling. Moreover, the companies will receive much more value for their cash. This really is a win-succeed in scenario both for get-togethers.

In case you individual a mobile phone, apply it to assist you acquire inspiration for your forthcoming painting venture. There are a selection of applications available that will go with fresh paint shades to nearly anything which you can snap a picture of, allowing you to collect probable color potato chips right on your phone. Some apps will even enable you to buy a test of the hue you enjoy.

Precisely what does the siding on your own house seem like? Have you got that old asbestos siding that had been so notable many years in the past? Maybe you have vinyl siding, and it is beginning to tumble separate or seem dingy. Perhaps you are planning on bricking your house which can be across the greatest form of siding. Regardless of the situation can be, siding your house, while it may be costly, is one of the finest options in strengthening the price of your house.

Look At This Beneficial Details About Home Improvement

Look At This Beneficial Details About Home Improvement

Make sure that you examine your regional building codes and get appropriate enables prior to deciding to engage in any main remodeling venture. Building codes and allows are meant to make certain that a specific creating venture sticks to safety standards. In case a venture will not adhere to developing codes, there exists a threat the undertaking can be unsafe.

When you find yourself planing to fresh paint your house, possibly a wall surface, or perhaps the whole factor, you will need to first work out how a lot paint you need. Don't just think about the career and guess, or maybe you could end up spending lots of extra money. Spend some time and evaluate out exactly how much you will end up piece of art.

If the bed doesn't feature a headboard, or you didn't acquire it with a single, you can easily remedy your condition. Utilize an outdated weathered wood made gate or a beautiful iron gate to create a unique headboard. That's something you won't see anywhere else and can not be marketed in shops.

Have a close take a look at residence and ideas. As with every home remodeling venture, you must know where to start out. Seeking via your entire residence and cataloging modifications you would like to see if you can obtain the best concept of where to start out. Work with the list from requirement to needs.

When selecting your home development licensed contractor, job interview every possible business and find out more about who they can be. Have they carried out renovations on properties like your own? Have they accomplished a similar project so far as scale and price? Check out their portfolio to see if the work they actually do is fine in your remodelling.

If a licensed contractor expects you to shell out a massive quantity advance for redecorating work, don't choose him. You ought to expect to pay $2,500 being a lower settlement to ensure the professional shows up, and then about 10Percent from the complete spending budget for the initial time. Not just a penny much more!

Not merely your kitchen will need upgrading. The next action which a consumer looks at when selecting a residence is the toilet. You should make sure the bathroom is up to date and nice and clean. If rates of interest are lower than whatever they were if you closed on your own home loan you might cut costs by refinancing.

Chandeliers aren't only for mansions today. For under several hundred money, you can buy a eye-catching, elegant chandelier which enables an excellent center point on your dining area or den. For extra brightness that will genuinely let your chandelier to sparkle, opt for a total wattage among 200 and 400.

When choosing the next renovation undertaking, take into account upgrading to some deluxe bath room. Put in a bathtub with massaging heads or perhaps a luxurious shower stall rich in technical showerheads. Use coloration to give a feeling of tranquility, and don't forget about to visit for added sizing, and the trimmings, like plush bath towels. There are several fantastic design and style shows on television to provide you with fantastic tips.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Neighbourhood of Note: Subterrainia

Formerly known as Misfit Toy Island, Phate Shepherd has done a marvelous renovation of his island into a calm and beautiful garden:


Block Building Contest

Sam Thompson, CEO of Cloud Party, has announced a block building contest, the prize is 1,000 CC and the details are here:

Hurry up and enter!  The deadline is April 4th, 2013.

Easter Egg Hunt

There's an Easter Egg Hunt in Cloud Party.  Details are here in this blogpost:

There's ten eggs to find overall; I've found eight so far (don't forget to look up into the trees!).

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ctrl-Mouse Scroll to Adjust Your User Interface Size!

I figured out this neat trick quite by accident, but it's great! If you press the Ctrl button and scroll with the mouse wheel, you can control the size of the chat box and other elements of your user interface! You can keep it at 100% or make it bigger to see the chat box, the cell phone, and the building tools better.   

Here's the UI (user interface) with the setting at 150%:

And here it is at 75%:

Very cool and very useful!

Dancing on the Roof

Mochi, Fritz and I are dancing on Mochi's roof in Eden Field:

Meanwhile, Conor is building his house according to plans:

Never a dull moment here!

Neighbourhoods of Note: Eden Field

Eden Field is one of the new building-block neighbourhoods, and people have certainly been busy putting up houses:


From left to right are the homes of Bruce Rogers, Fia Wycliffe (log cabin with stone chimney), and Mochi's home with the lovely fountain and the cherry blossom trees.

Bruce's home has a friendly greeting on the side:

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Outfit Outlay: Smart Yellow & Black

Here's the outfit, piece by piece:

HAT: A Ladies Hat (completely tintable), only 25CC from M&M Creations.
JACKET: Black Lily Blouse, only 15CC from Tocy (worn as an accessory, not as a top).
SKIRT: My own modification of a skirt design originally by Subongo.
STOCKINGS: 'Fishnet' stockings only 20CC by M&M Creations.
SHOES: Tintable flats which are part of the standard wardrobe.

TOTAL OUTFIT OUTLAY: 60CC (equals US$3.00).

Big Changes at Cloud Party!

First, they set up a blog:

And they set up a whole new way of building with blocks, which doesn't require you to learn Maya or Max in order to create mesh!  I love it!  Here's a pink crab someone made:

It's at Public Island, so hurry and come see it before it goes poof!,15.0,0.0,2.9

More details later as I learn my way around the new building-blocks tool.  In the meantime, everybody gets a NEW bare plot of land on which to build.  Here's my lot, with a house I bought for 2 CC at A. Moore Designs, and some trees which I bought as part of a set of trees, logs, etc. for only 10CC from Satguru!  Not a bad setup for only 12 CC ( equals sixty cents U.S. ), eh?

Location:  Silent Grove,,-20.3,0.0,3.0

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Designer Kitchen Curtains

Curtains in the kitchen are fundamental component of the kitchen decor. To complete the overall look of designer kitchens, there are many fantastic designer kitchen curtains ideas that will blend well with any theme.

Designer Kitchen Curtains

Designer Kitchen Curtains
Designer Kitchen Curtains
There are various kitchen curtains ideas that you can choose from depending of course, on the type of your kitchen windows and the type of kitchen you have.

If you have modern kitchen designs, you also have to consider contemporary style kitchen curtains. You can choose to have mid length curtains or full-length curtains, but if you want more privacy you may hang kitchen curtains made of thick fabric. Make sure that your kitchen curtains match the color of your kitchen flooring, wall paint or wallpaper.

Designer Kitchen Curtains
Designer Kitchen Curtains

 Designer Kitchen Curtains

Cafe curtains are perfect for rustic themed kitchen. Choosing the fabric for your no sew kitchen curtain depends on your taste.

Designer kitchen curtains are available to you in a wide variety of patterns and colors. The curtains may be full length, window length, or cafe type, having many different types of headings and valances. The general consideration to go by when selecting a curtain design, is the more contemporary the look the simpler the curtains should be.

Designer Kitchen Curtains
Designer Kitchen Curtains

Selecting the right kitchen curtains don't have to be as boring as you may think. Generally, windows in the kitchen tend to be smaller and fewer, which makes dressing them up a tad easier. While one might consider red curtains to be the perfect companion to a rustic country theme, this bold and brilliant color is actually quite fitting for the modern home. With the popularity of stainless steel appliances and dark counter tops, adding crimson colored drapes is the perfect way to bring in color without it being overbearing. Besides gingham, there are plenty of patterns, colors, and stripes to choose from that will make your kitchen curtain ideas come to life.

Designer Kitchen Curtains
Designer Kitchen Curtains

Designer Kitchen Curtains

Using the right kitchen curtains can make any kitchen the envy of the all the neighbors.

Curtains for kitchens are often used on windows over sinks or near bay windows in adjoining eating rooms. For instance, if a kitchen is decorated with wallpaper that has a busy pattern, a good choice for the window treatments would be solid colored fabric that matches with a color found in the wallpaper. If the walls are painted a solid color, a fabric with decorative patterns can provide a splash of color, instantly creating a focal point in a room.

Designer Kitchen Curtains
Designer Kitchen Curtains

Rooms that have a country or cottage design scheme look great when finished with brightly colored gingham curtains. Materials for window treatments should be light and airy, as these types of fabrics tend not to trap odors like heavier fabrics.

Designer Kitchen Curtains
Designer Kitchen Curtains

Teak wood living area tables will be highly popular in equally traditional and even modern homes due to their great appearance and decent durability. Damage may be comfortably inflicted, which can easily leave almost any teak wood kitchen curtains table along with dents and even splits, which but not only effects the appearance but may just be damaging towards stability of the dining meal table itself.
All teak wood dining room tables need a modicum of care for you to last for years with low damage. Let’s check out some useful simple methods to take great care with the teak wood kitchen table. Teak wood dining area tables should certainly be cleaned at least one time per week in this way if these are not chosen frequently.

Source :

Black And White Bedroom Ideas

If you want to attract people towards your room decor then you should either use black paint or buy any black furniture item or any kind of black frills for your room. If you want to make your room decor even more fascinating you should mix white with striking black, something like combining a white comforter with black accents subtle pattern. Whatever style you prefer for decorating your room, choosing in black and white bedroom ideas will make it wondrous. Black combined with white is an always popular choice.

Black And White Bedroom Ideas

Black And White Bedroom Ideas
Black And White Bedroom Ideas
You can make your bedroom look more sparkling by using white curtains with black trim and white comforters with black patterns.

If you are having trouble picking cool colors for a bedroom or you have always just loved the contrast of a black and white bedroom ideas, then you may be considering a black and white room for your home. If you are going for a black and white style, the last thing that you want to do is paint all of the walls in the room black. A couch or chair with a black and white pattern goes great in a living room or family room.

Black And White Bedroom Ideas
Black And White Bedroom Ideas

Black And White Bedroom Ideas

For a bedroom, add a comforter with a black and white pattern to add some interest to the room.

For a black and white kitchen or dining room, consider patterned window treatments or fabric on the chairs. For Christmas, red decorations go great with a black and white scheme. Decorating a room in a black and white bedroom ideas doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Combining colors with a special theme is even more effective.

Black And White Bedroom Ideas
Black And White Bedroom Ideas
Clocks could remind us to take some restful time, set time apart for contemplation, add more happy moments to life. Continue with the black and white rhythm found in the clocks and apply it to textiles and accessories.

However, keep the black limited to accents, with white remaining dominant. Then add small accents of bright, spring green in a balanced way throughout the small room. Green is the color of nature and is indirectly connected to time. The dash of color also energizes the black and white neutrals.

Black And White Bedroom Ideas
Black And White Bedroom Ideas
If you opted for sage green walls, then you could accessorize with throw pillows, lamp shades or a throw blanket, with tan and sage green. Bold colors, such as red, blue, orange, purple, yellow etc. can give black and white bedding set the pizzazz you are looking for. You can choose your favorite bold color for the walls, then accessorize with other colors that you like.

Some bedding sets come as a bed in a bag which typically contains the comforter, top and bottom sheet, pillow case, pillow sham, bed skirt and sometimes even a duvet cover. Once you have that picked out, then you will be able to move forward with your wall color and your accessory colors.

Black And White Bedroom Ideas
Black And White Bedroom Ideas

 Black And White Bedroom Ideas

 Black and white bedding is an easy way to add an instant touch of sophistication to a bedroom. Thank goodness there are two colors that will never let you down, two colors that you can always depend on -- black and white. By definition, these are not colors per se: white is seen as the absence of color, and black as the presence of all colors (though scientifically the reverse is true). But both black and white are what usually come to mind when one thinks of the perfect combination for a classic color palette.

Complete the contemporary look you've started by adding pillow covers, duvet covers, comforters, and quilts in the same color combination. When it comes to color combinations, black and white is a safe and stylish choice.

Black And White Bedroom Ideas
Black And White Bedroom Ideas
One of the most striking fabrics that can be used, both in feel and design, is damask, which is a beautiful woven fabric which contains some beautifully intricate patterns. Once considered the go to choice for table linens and upholstery, it has now become a very popular fabric of choice for the bedroom, and there may be nothing more stunning than classic black and white damask bedding.
Black And White Bedroom Ideas
Black And White Bedroom Ideas
For those who want to be a little more daring in regards to color, there is now black and white damask bedding sets that incorporate a little splash of color into their design. Online magazine is a great place to start your search for black and white bedroom ideas, and there are price points there to suit every budget.

Source :

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Landscapes Unlimited

A new store?  Certainly looks that way.  Click on Navigate and search for "landscapes" to find Landscapes Unlimited, by Sominel Edelman:

All his landscapes are for sale in the Marketplace, ranging in price from 999CC to 1399CC.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Robert head

Here's a pic of Mochi wearing the Robert head (hair and cigarette are not included).  Only 19CC from Hendrik in the marketplace!

Attack of the 404 Boxes

They went and changed sounds so that had to be less than 30 seconds, and suddenly, there are 404 boxes everywhere!

Hopefully they can come to some sort of agreement that doesn't break everything already made :-)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Giant Gold Buddha

Located at Windy Range island,,-18.1,-32.5,0.1

My New Head

It's made by Hendrik Schroeder and only 19CC!  What a steal for a realistic-looking female head!  Look for the Suzan Head in the Marketplace.  There's also a male head called the Robert Head, also for 19CC.

Satguru's Log House

This is Satguru's log house, on the Breezy Trails neighbourhood island, lots to see here.
Location is,12.7,-34.1,1.8

The Thinker

Location: Amaretto Sunset by Mochi  (,18.0,-45.7,-1.0 )

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Snowflakes and Hottubs

Mochi's cloud island is has a special atmosphere, all hottubs and snowflakes and Pink Panther music:

Location: Mochi's Bastrop_olis,,-18.8,22.6,0.6

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Joining the Virtual Worlds

On Friday the 11th of January 2013 we are going to connect two virtual worlds: Second Life and Cloud Party

With a video stream from Cloud Party to Second life and music streams in both worlds.  The dance party starts at 21.00 Central European Time (12PM Cloud Party/Second  Life Time)  and follow the links below

If you want to join in at Cloud Party go to,-4.5,0.9,1.9

If you want to join in at Second Life go to

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Outfit Outlay: Red for Spring

Spring may feel a long way away, but here's an outfit that would take you through a fresh Spring or Summer day.  Even better, the dress and the shoes are both colour-changeable, so you can recolour them as you like!

HAIR: one of the styles in a five-hairstyle pack by Lilli Thompson, called Female Hair Pack 01 -- FREE
EARRINGS: Silver Tri Hoop earrings by B. Rene Gade -- 12CC
DRESS: EP Pleated Sundress by Estelle Parnall -- her first dress on the marketplace! -- 30CC
SHOES:  Two Colour Heels by Subongo -- FREE


Oh, and also, I am extending the freebie sale of all Vanity Fair clothing for another week, until midnight Saturday January 12th.  Shop your hearts out girls!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Cloud Party Community Events and Meetings Calendar

JoJa Dhara has announced a new website for Cloud Party community events and meetings.  You might want to bookmark this site:

(note that all times are given in Central European Time, nine hours ahead of Second Life Time/Pacific Time)

New Customizer Tutorials

We now have further information plus tutorial examples of how the Customizer option works.  (For example, the Customizer allows you to change the colours on a costume.)  Here is the info; the new tutorials are linked at the bottom.  They are a bit over my head at the moment, but I'm sure they will help several of you more experienced clothing makers!

We Set a Record!

Twenty-five people at one time at one place: Thoys' Club, for the Friday dance!  Here are some shots (first one is by Thijs, the rest are by Ryan):

Watch the Party at Thoy's Club Live

Live video stream from the party at Thoy's Club, going on right now and running all day/evening!

Watch live streaming video from thoys at

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Party at Thoy's Club, January 4th at 12 noon Pacific time/7 pm Central Europe time

Let's meet up at Thoy's Club tomorrow at 7 p.m. Central European Time (12 noon Pacific time)!

Here's your taxi:,-6.6,0.9,1.7

New Tutorial: Using the Camera

Pixellada has created another tutorial for us; this one is about Cloud Party's built-in camera and how to use it:

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Tutorial: Adjusting Graphics Settings.

Pixellada has released the first of she promises will be daily video tutorials, this one is on how to use the Graphics under Settings to control how Cloud Party looks on your computer: